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It takes an air conditioning expert to correctly assess which type of air conditioning is best suited for your needs and your budget.

We can supply and install the following brands:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries



Don’t make a costly mistake!

Air conditioning isn’t something you really want to buy off a showroom floor like a fridge, there is much more involved.

With air conditioning, all sorts of things come into play:

  • The direction your home faces
  • How many doors you have
  • How big your windows are and which direction do they face
  • The impact of ceiling heights, wall types, insulation and other microclimate variations.

When faced with all these variables, a lot of people make costly mistakes, they buy the wrong system or place it in an unsuitable area.

An incorrectly sized air conditioning can cause high running costs over the life of the system.

For a no obligation quote please contact us on (02)4455 5069 or 0414 555 069, we will come out and determine the heat-load for your area, then select the correct system, to provide the maximum cooling or heating comfort.